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Fourth River Workers Guild is a worker cooperative that provides a range of maintenance and support services to help homeowners welcome nature home. We use adaptive management techniques that prioritize long term relationships with homeowners and the land. Our approach to land care strengthens emotional connections between land and its human inhabitants as a foundation to socially integrated urban ecology. We are democratically managed, share profits, and offer pathways to business ownership. Fourth River is celebrating our tenth year of hard work, dedication to understanding our place in nature, and connecting lovers of nature to their land.

Urban Restoration Specialist

Collaborate with Fourth River’s team of designers, gardeners and specialists to care for urban landscapes, native plants and cultivated wildness.



Use your restoration or land management experience to develop the habitat potential for environmentally motivated city land owners. Expand your hands on technical skills and working knowledge to adapt restoration techniques for small scale urban sites. Work includes seeding site prep and establishment, plant selection, biological monitoring, garden care, succession planning, soil management, plant community management, and homeowner consultations. Fourth River serves a diversity of landscape types, clients, and ecological conditions within the Pittsburgh region. The position requires a minimum 5 years experience in a related field such as; lead on restoration projects, environmental services, invasive mitigation, seed propagation/native nursery; a masters degree in related field will be helpful.

Application period open until position is filled
Position to begin work mid April
Flexible Hours 30-40hrs/wk