Fourth River Workers care for homes in a way that brings people together with local ecology. We are part of a circular economy that is adapting to meet Pittsburgh’s changing needs. 

Our Company

Fourth River Workers Guild was started in Pittsburgh Pa in 2013 by a group of builders and landscapers. We committed at the outset to being a worker cooperative dedicated to building relationships between people and nature by considering the ways we build and interact with our environments.

One of our strengths is the breadth of experience we have collected over the years; these include cyclical yard care, restoration style landscape transitions, design build home renovations, multi-unit development consulting, and democratic management consulting. While we are engaged in several special projects, the majority of our workforce is built for homeowner garden care and ecological land transitions.

Over the years we have affected close to a hundred properties and homes, improving their fitness and integration with the surrounding ecosystems. Our clients appreciate that we share their values. We bring refreshing ideas that help you troubleshoot problems, develop ecological maintenance strategies, and tell your landscape’s story in ways that enhance your connection to the land.

Fourth River workers share a curiosity for better ways to balance land needs with human needs. Our collective pursuit to connect with nature has driven us to develop specialized techniques to meet the nuanced situations that Pittsburgh homeowners face such as strategies for low maintenance sloped yards, roof to soil stormwater management, working with regional species and materials, meeting the local ecological and cultural expectations when planning, and we have strong relationships with other local businesses.

At Fourth River we rely on collective management to bring the best ideas forward and share the gains of the company fairly. Cooperative businesses have demonstrated productivity rates 20% over traditional ownership structures. We attract and retain the best people in the field because good workers appreciate the honesty of our cooperative workplace. Our dedication to being a cooperative business results in a better product for customers because the people you work with care about living healthy and stewarding Pittsburgh for future generations.

Our job to interpret what the ecology is trying to do and gently blend those natural forces with your desire for care and beauty.

Working Hours

Working hours Monday- Friday: 8:00-4:30

Mailing Address

Fourth River Workers Guild LLC
5519 Broad St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15207
Email: yinz@www.fourthriver.coop


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