Pittsburgh Wood Fences

Wood Fencing

We install a variety of wood fence styles from common privacy to fully custom. We advocate for using regional timber milled locally and offer competitive pricing.


We can plan fencing for you new home, install new fencing, and can remove and replace old fencing. Gates, decorative elements, deer and animal control are additional products we offer.


Wood Fence Installation

Wood Species

Based on the project we can recommend species for posts, pickets, rails and decorative elements. We often install larch and Locust posts with either Larch or Hemlock panels. Cedar, Oak, and treated Pine are also available.

Gates and Gate Repair

We will evaluate gates for either repair or replacement and can custom produce gates for most situations.

Deer Fencing and Animal Guards

We can install tall deer fencing and extensions on fences to act as deer fencing. Wire fencing can be installed on new fences and existing fences to help keep dogs in or small mammals out.


Short garden fence in front yard

Our Work

Wood gate installation
Wood Gate
Wattle Fence