Pittsburgh Ecological Gardening

Ecological Gardening

Gardening requires careful attention to plants, the environment and beauty. Ecological gardening requires the gardener to also attend to the habitat needs of plant and animal communities.

We excel at garden care that balances our varied homeowner interests while providing consistent connections to the surrounding ecology of Pittsburgh.

A Common Eastern Bumble Bee collecting pollen from Common Boneset in a Fourth River managed garden.
Bombus impatiens & Eupatorium perfoliatum

Garden Services

Every home we work on gives us an opportunity to steward land for future generations.


Regular Care

Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly  service is determined by your needs and we are happy to walk your landscape.


On Demand and Seasonal Care

Want to kick-start a garden bed, swamped with work, or need to prepare for home renovations? We can help when the need arises.


Garden Renewals

Whether you just moved in or have not had the time or interest to keep up, we can jump in to identify what plants should stay, which need to go and then get the work done.


Mulching and Leaf Management

We provide mulching, pruning, leaf management and planting.


Trouble Shooting and Garden Assessment

At our in person consultation we can diagnose most issues, answer your questions, and provide planning assistance.



Most low maintenance and native plantings need to be monitored on a seasonal or annual basis. Pocket meadow, native grass gardens, rain gardens and wooded land. Seasonal monitoring is used to manage species spread, prevent invasive plant establishment, and revise management plans for gardeners and land care specialists. Often our monitoring is combined with a Land Management Plan.


Design and Planning Services

We offer design services for land and garden improvements to fit the ecological context. Perfect for new homeowners and existing home owners who are ready to transition their space.



We work with landscape service companies, architects and organizations. We bring a depth of experience implementing complex ecological goals in residential neighborhood and organizational settings.


Our Work

Second year garden with native and cultivar plantings

Three years after planting.

Estate garden service

Lawn conversion to native meadow, the entire yard will be completed over several years.

Partway into a lawn conversion.