Author: Juliette Olshock

3 Plant Families That Attract Beneficial Insects

As with your own family, plants in the same family share similar needs, challenges and physical characteristics. In this case, we are going to look at a few plant families that attract beneficial insects (and spiders). Insects are attracted to pollen and nectar provided by flowers and stick around to eat up harmful garden pests.…
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Fall Gardening

Starting Fall Garden I spent a lot of time moving into new apartments or renting homes, so I was almost always moving during the spring/ early summer and only able to start planting a garden in late summer/ early fall. I was delighted to learn that there were still many vegetables to be planted at…
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Beneficial Insects and Spiders

Beneficial insects are those that feed on garden pests. They are important to all gardens as they require minimum effort to attract, they maintain a balanced garden ecosystem and keep pace with pest populations. Having beneficial insects in your garden makes it less likely that you will have a pest outbreak. The first rule in…
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