Soil Testing

The health of your land starts with your soil.

Take the first step by choosing a soil analysis package that’s right for you.

Why invest in something you rarely see?

Your Family

Healthy soil reduces availability of harmful accumulations. Particularly in urban areas, the improved health of soil is the best investment for decreasing the inherited dangers of accumulated soot, smog, spills and unknowns.

Plant Health

Improving the health and vitality of the soil will improve the plants that grow from them. Good soil has been proven to boost your lawn ans garden’s immune system, reducing the need for weed management and fertilizers.

Carbon Sequestration

Compared to a compacted lawn soil, healthy soil can remove 10 times more carbon from the atmosphere. This is accomplished by a thicker active layer and increased organic compounds. Learn more about carbon in your yard from this article by the Audubon SocietyL

Ecological Web

In addition to making your land healthier for your family, the urban ecology will benefit. Its like local sourced organic food for the birds and bees.

Soil Improvement Services

  • Biological, Chemical & Physical Soil Analysis
  • Lab Testing & On-site Tests
  • Test Result Interpretation
  • Custom Amendments
  • Fertilization
  • Compost Tea Application
  • Soil Building
  • Composting

Getting Started

1. Site Visit & Estimate

Soil testing and land health is like getting a physical. We will take vitals signs recommend tests to be run. You choose the level of care that is right for your home.

2. Planning

We will interpret and share test results and prescribe amendments or modifications needed to achieve your health goals

3. Implementation

We can provide the work or support you need to change your soil and get the most from your lawn and garden.

4. Monitoring and Upkeep

Regular check-ups help you keep track of key indicators and seasonal upkeep ensures the natural systems are in order. Please look at our Annual Care Services.