Land Care Services


Your landscape is the closest point of contact to nature. It is a source of comfort, a place of activity and entangled in a quiltwork of urban ecology.


What we do

Every property we work on gives us an opportunity to steward land for future generations by balancing the needs of landowners, neighborly expectations and the complexity of the local habitat. We use cues to care and well established horticulture techniques that visually communicate your landscape is a healthy human environment while leaving space for other species to co-exist. 


Garden Services

We believe long term sustainability is about caring and we strive to provide a suitable range of regular gardening and land management services to meet homeowner and land care needs. 

Regular Care
Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly service is determined by your needs and we are happy to walk you landscape and discuss options. 

At our in person consultation we can diagnose most issues, answer your questions, and provide planning assistance. Consultations are $120 per hour.

Most low maintenance and native patch plantings need to be monitored on a seasonal or annual basis. These include meadow and native grass gardens, rain gardens and wooded land. Seasonal monitoring is used to manage species spread, prevent invasive plant establishment, and revise management plans for gardeners and land care specialists. 

Design and Planning Services
We offer design services for landscape improvements to fit the ecological context such as garden installations, landscape succession, and managed habitat.

We work with landscape service companies, architects and organizations. We bring a depth of experience implementing complex ecological goals in residential neighborhood and organizational settings.



Our Work

Multi year transition to low maintenance native shrubs and flowers


Three years after planting.


Lawn conversion to native meadow, the entire yard will be completed over several years.

Partway into a lawn conversion.